Nine bold kitchen trends for 2022

kitchen trends

Drama is back, and the darker, the better.

Black is quickly becoming a talking point in the latest kitchen trends. It has been overlooked, but now it is back and used to significant effect.

Using black for your worksurfaces, cabinetry, walls, and an accent colour looks luxurious and inviting. Complement your black with textured wood floors, and you have a charming, rustic style kitchen to wow your friends.

In a kitchen, there are hundreds of ways you can add a vibrant splash of colour to make your kitchen pop. Go for the unexpected – highly glazed kitchen tiles or contrasting cabinets. If you’re unsure of making a permanent change, why not make a wall dance with colour and see just how good it looks against subtle cabinets.

Choose a colour that suits you and makes you feel good. Add colourful appliances, statement lighting or some trendy stools.

The hand-painted kitchens that were on-trend in 2021 continue for 2022. These ranges are ecologically appealing and lend themselves to modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Large kitchens can work double islands.

Paired islands have become a luxury option when space allows, and you have a large family.

Marvellous marble

We could be a little bias here, but marble is being featured in the latest designer kitchens. The popularity of strongly veined marble is a statement of luxury, and it is taking the business by storm.

Architects are talking about their passion for this beautiful natural stone and are using the finest quality marble in their latest designs for kitchens and bathrooms.


As a highly sustainable and durable stone, it is a true classic and makes a good investment. You can use it for worktops, floors, walls, kitchen islands, splashbacks, and upstands. A strongly veined marble will add a bold statement to your kitchen or bathroom and create a striking textural contrast with your kitchen cabinets and accessories.

 Fifties kitchens

The fifties kitchen design also returns with bright white kitchens and contrasting timbers in the new year.

Dark cabinetry with clever bespoke detailing against tall white cabinets, light marble countertops, and splashbacks can create a fresh and spacious appeal.

Add natural elements to your new kitchen.

During the pandemic, people have considered more ways to include natural materials in their kitchen designs. For example, marble, granite, and unpainted wood have rich tactile qualities and have recognised health benefits by reducing the number of chemically treated items in the home.

Look at the overall tonal qualities in your kitchen. If marble and granite is out of your budget, consider recycled timbers for shelving; re-used wooden chairs for seating and basket-style containers or light shades.

Wood finishes are making a comeback.

Wood has been out of fashion for a while but using subtle paint colours which enhance the wood-grain finish is a great way to add a touch of nature to your kitchen. Match the warmer wood tones with painted cabinets or go for a bold contrast to bring out your colourful personality.


Dark wood cabinets are also returning, and with their rich colours and fine grain, they add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Handleless designs

The most modern kitchen designs are free-flowing. Classy and simple with push-open and close doors make it easy to dispense with handles altogether.

If you don’t want to completely loose handles, then take a look at the Outline Collection, as recessed handles, some lined with a contrasting colour, can add genuine interest.


Handleless appears to be a strong trend for 2022 as people streamline and choose simplicity over fussy details.

Clever storage ideas

Storage is a key element of kitchen design, especially in a smaller kitchen. Homeowners now have a choice of bi-fold dressers, tower, and corner larders, as well as many pull-out corner accessories.

Clever storage means clutter is out of the way, including those homework books and office files.

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