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Dove grey kitchen with granite work surface

Choosing a granite worktop

We have a superb range of granite worktops from leading brands such as Gerald Cullifords and Beltrami.

Granite is one of the toughest materials on the planet, and we are extremely proud of the range we can offer our customers. If you are looking for a worktop to complement a contemporary kitchen design, we have high-quality granite ranges in black, white, grey and cream that will instantly give your kitchen a lift. 

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Granite is luxurious, beautiful, and affordable

Granite is a material that’s easy to maintain, functional and , as well as beautiful. Polished granite worktops are very popular, and because of the way it has been naturally formed, a high-gloss finish is relatively easy to achieve. Finishing your kitchen design with a granite worktop will undoubtedly add a touch of luxury and opulence.

Finishing options for granite

There are a variety of finishes for granite. Polished is a smooth, shiny finish and tends to be the most popular, but you can also try antique, which is deliberately brushed to make it look a little dull. A leather finish will appear soft and smooth. A honed finish is soft, with a low gloss shine. A satin finish gives the stone a more vibrant colour but not too reflective. 

We do recommend that granite is sealed periodically like other natural stone worksurfaces.

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